August 11, 2015


The West's deserve their Vogue cover.

The most amazing thing about fashion is that anybody can do it, your grandmother, the cashier at Burger King or even your pet. Fashion isn't an exclusive club or something you have to major in at college to do and that is probably what attracts me the most, besides silhouettes and color, you don't need to have the best grades in math to enter the world of fashion. Of course to survive in fashion you need to have some sort of source to inspire you, that is where style icons come in. Both Kim and Kanye West snatched the highly coveted cover of Vogue and half the world was shocked and the other half was obsessed. I strongly believe that The West's deserved that cover because they're both a huge part of fashion and afteral, isn't Vogue a FASHION magazine?  Whether you like them or not they're in no doubt both big fashion icons. With that being said, I have compiled 3 of my favorite style icons;

Would this even be a style icon post with out the one and only Rihanna? How can the world forget about the exquisite Adam Selman pellucid Swarovski dress or the over-sized yellow Guo Pei Couture coat that she wore at the Met Gala 2015. She is a true icon in every aspect.

Margaret Zhang is a fashion blogger that I just recently discovered on the tv show "Fashion Bloggers" on E! and I have to say, the second that I entered the website I just stayed in shock, she is so different compared to other bloggers that I know of. Her styling is like, insane. Along with her photography. I definitely recommend reading some of her content on Shine By Three.

Last but not least, there is Elisa Johnson. Her style is so chic and high fashion. It sad that she isn't as known as Kylie Jenner or Cara Delevingne. I love her. You can see most her outfits on here.

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