August 15, 2015


Today's topic is on school, boredom and anxiety.

As school is quickly approaching there are a lot of things running through my mind, two of them are anxiety and buying new things for school. If you don't know me in person then let me explain, when I get worried or nervous I tend to chew on my nails, isn't it like, disgusting? I really hate doing it but it just comes to me naturally. It's something that I've tried very hard to control, but I never seem to get a hold of it. I find that the reason why I chew on my nails so much is because of the excessive amount of time that I have for myself, when I hangout with friends or go basically anywhere I just forget about my nails and I don't bite on them, at all.

The worst thing is that school is almost starting which means that I'll have a lot of time to ponder on different things and pondering leads to boredom and well, we know what happens after that. Along with that I always worry about things that don't happen, like I imagine things and well, they tend to make me worried, and once again, guess what happens when I get worried? But after all it's high school, does anyone even have time to get bored?

Images // Chris Hernandez
Outfit // Forever 21, H&M, Champion and Converse

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