September 28, 2015


Fashion never sleeps and so don't I.

              These past few days I've really been trying to find myself, let myself go free, try new things. There was one specific subject that attracted me the most; musical theatre. As you all know by now, I love the arts, but what I found out recently is that I'd rather watch plays and musicals, rather than actually be in one. You see, I actually tried being in a drama class and presenting plays but as soon as I got up there I knew it wasn't for me. I actually even considered studying musical theatre in college but before actually taking it one step forward I decided it see what would be the best for me, you must always look and try both of your options.

In my case, that is fashion and musical theatre, and I did. Today I found out that theatre, musical theatre, just isn't for me. 

I'm just extremely happy that I was able to do something different and not lock myself in this little world of mine. My goals remain the same, I will leave to New York to study after high school. The thing about me is that I need to move around, I lose interest quite quickly and being in Broadway is like, you're always there. You star in the same musical 800 times a year. Of course, don't think my intentions are too discourage you, if broadway is your dream, then you need to follow that dream, do not let anything or anyone discourage you. Do what makes you happy. That is why fashion attracts me so much, it's so fast paced, you travel so much for fashion shows, photoshoots etc. Fashion never sleeps and so don't I. 

Photos // Fernando Reyes
Location // Downtown Disney

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