September 20, 2015


Everyone thinks I know what I am doing, but I really don't.

              As I look back at the last 3 years of my life I'm not sure whether or not to be happy or sad. I do miss the person I was. Friends aren't everything in life but they help you forget, they make you forget how you're feeling by giving you a few hours or days of entertainment and overall happiness. It is true that "losing" friend is just a sign that you're growing up. I personally do consider myself a mature person. I just don't understand anything. No one ever messages me over the weekend or invites me anywhere or does anything with me and I feel so pathetic when I scroll through my contacts and I can't talk to one person to talk to. No, I do not need anyone's pity but you know what, I am human and I have a lot to express and sometimes I just want an actual person to sit across of me and talk to me and understand me. Everyone thinks I know what I am doing but I really don't. I live in constant sadness. But I keep going because I am young and there is a long and rocky road that I have to drive. (which is ironic because I am horrible at driving)

Besides that can we just talk about why we're forced to dress for P.E. or why we do P.E. at all? Well actually, it's about actually doing Physical Education. It's more about dress for it, it's doing to be the 4th week of school tomorrow and I've been changing in a small, dirty and miniature school bathroom, which by the way is besides a child nursery. (yes, I am in high school. yes, minors at my school had children. Please protect yourself people.) Honestly, I'm just so afraid, like isn't it good enough that I feel attacked by the entire school and I'm still forced to change between boys, or wait, adults.

Images // Chris Hernandez

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