September 17, 2015


Dear school, fuck your rules, Spring is shoulder season!

                                      Nanette LePore Spring 2016

Adeam Spring 2016
              As the world is preparing themselves for chapter 2/4 of fashion month I have two words to say, shoulders. I am in love with all the pieces that these New York based designers were showing this week for their Spring 2016 collections. I wasn't the biggest fan of the collections that were presented this year in February/March for Fall 2015, they just weren't my cup of tea. 

              For Spring 2016, they're insane, I am obsessed with basically all the collections. Except maybe a couple of them but I don't want to speak bad on fashion labels. 

              As I browsed through the collections on the VogueRunway app, during class, in the middle of a test, I noticed one big trend that many designers were following. Shoulders, shoulders and shoulders. I find it quite ironic that I am typing a post about "off the shoulder moments" because just a few days ago I typed the post "OVER THE SHOULDER". I feel as if I am confusing all of you because I have many readers that don't quite understand how collections are shown and WHEN they're shown. 

              Fashion month is twice a year for ready-to-wear collections, every February/March (Fall collections) and September/October (Spring collections). Fashion month is divided into four weeks and locations, New York, Milan, London and Paris, those are the major fashion weeks that are combined together and create fashion month. This entire week, when I was able to sneak my phone from teachers, I looked through every single fashion show I possibly could and I collected them to show you all my favorite "off the shoulder moments".

Alice + Olivia Spring 2016 (right)
Barbara Tfrank Spring 2016 (left)

Brandon Maxwell Spring 2016 (right)
Boss Spring 2016 (left)

Cushnie et Ochs Spring 2016 (left)
Creatures of the Wind Spring 2016 (right)

Cynthia Rowley Spring 2016 (left)
Edun Spring 2016 (right)

Givenchy Spring 2016 (left)
Hood by Air Spring 2016 (right)

Naeem Khan Spring 2016 (right)
Milly Spring 2016 (left)

Prabal Gurung Spring 2016 (left)
Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring 2016 (right)

Veronica Beard Spring 2016 (left)
Tory Burch Spring 2016 (right)

Telfar Spring 2016 (left)
Saloni Spring 2016 (right)

Rosetta Getty Spring 2016 (left)
Rebecca Taylor Spring 2016 (center)
Rachel Zoe Spring 2016 (right)

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