September 12, 2015


A little drape ain't never kill nobody.

              Everyone loves the sensation of feeling free, sometimes coat's are just too warm or just uncomfortable. Well, we have capes to thank this season. Designers have made everyone's dreams come true by creating these gorgeous capes that make you feel not caged in. After all, you want to feel comfortable while wearing it, especially if you plan on using it for fashion week where sometimes you can feel a bit claustrophobic because of the excessive amount of people. I picked out my 2 favorite of my favorite capes for fall 2015, I also added a few street-style pictures, of different capes/draped coats that I loved and were styled perfectly, that random photographers captured during fashion weeks! (p.s. I literally added so many pictures of Kristina Bazan but I couldn't help myself, she's so gorgeous)

Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 (left)
Burberry Fall 2015 (right)

I do not own any of these photos.

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