September 7, 2015


From deep inside my head to a public post on the world wide web.

Once in awhile I get random thoughts that pop up in my head that, I like to say, are very philosophical. My most current one is, "Why does anything we do even matter, we're all going to die, and even when we do we're still nothing because of the immensity of the universe?". For a quick second that thought makes me want to drop everything that I am currently doing and just explore the entire world, that isn't exactly the brightest idea so I just stop and continue with my day and do what I regularly do, which is go to school, come home and read my emails (which is usually like 1 or 2, so that isn't too exciting) and just use my phone, like all day. My life is just kinda about waiting for something excited to happen, WHICH is the worst thing ever please don't wait for others. I guess a lot of the time I just feel so unmotivated and like, stuck.

I don't know exactly know how to explain it. It's just a feeling inside where I feel trapped and isolated, that isn't a good feeling for someone like me because I want to do things all the time and meet people. I am a very abnormal because I tend to be a very outgoing and social person but at the same time I am very anti-social and isolated. If you are feeling a bit confused, that's you and I both. I don't exactly understand myself yet.

Photos // Alexandra Franco & Fernando Reyes
Location // Beverly Hills, California

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