October 2, 2015


Rick Owens Spring 2016, Cyclops.
Female empowerment in fashion.

As I rushed out of my house this morning at 7 am it was already 4 pm in Paris. I think that is probably why Paris Fashion Week is my favorite, along with the fact that my favorite designers showcase their collections during Paris Fashion Week, as soon as I wake up I am guaranteed to have multiple collections to view.

Which is a great thing because there is an 85% chance that I'll be late for school, again, it helps me get my mind off the fact that I am going to have to awkwardly beg security to allow me to enter through the gate, even though I am 15 minutes late, so that I don't go through the mess that is the front office.

Many designers have been showing off their latest collection, which in my opinion are their last collection but "reinvented". cough cough, Balmain.

Every season the shows just seem to be getting better and better. Owens puts but show in fashion show. Anything that shows off female empowerment is something that I will carely deeply about. I just can't stop myself from wondering how difficult it was for the model to actually go up-side-down and be lifted by yet, another model. It really shows how woman can support each other, not only emotionally but physically. This is how to translate female empowerment in fashion. 

Images // vogue.com

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