October 23, 2015

Goodbye, Raf

To the genius that created the collections that I anticipated season after season.

Yesterday morning (Thursday, October 22.) LVMH announced that Raf Simons was leaving Christian Dior. My first instinct was, "Go to the forum and create a thread telling everyone in the ViV collaborative fashion website!" That was my priority because no one understand fashion like they do, sadly everyone I know doesn't care much for fashion, they don't even know who Raf is, they wear Michael Kors bags. Simons has only been creative director at Dior for 3 and a half years but in that time he's managed to completely take our breathe away, season after season. Simons stated that he was leaving Dior to focus on his own menswear line and his personal life, things that drive him outside of work. Although we will be missed greatly, I think everyone understands him. I mean creating 6 collection a year, along with working on his self-named menswear label, I'm surprised he's managed to stay sane.

In a way there is a certain excitement that comes along with news like this, for example, who's going to be the creative director? I mean come on, anything could happen from here, the Dior house went from having Galliano to Simons and if you know fashion, you know that Galliano and Simons have absolutely nothing in common, Galliano is much more theatrical, while Simons could be more, minimal, I don't want to call him a minimalist because he clearly stated that he isn't in the Dior and I movie (which I am obsessed with).

There's so many pros and cons to working with such a major couture house, in this case, Christian Dior. One of the major pros is definitely publicity, before Dior no one knew who Raf was, no one outside the menswear world of course and probably one of the biggest con is the pressure. Like, in what world can someone just create 6 collections a year, 2 couture, 2 ready-to-wear, and 2 resort/pre-fall collections. Who can take that pressure?

This is Raf Simons finale statement before leaving Dior, " It is after careful and long consideration I have decided to leave my position as Creative Director of Christian Dior couture womenswear collection. It is a decision, based entirely and equally on my desire to focus on other interests in my life, including my own brand, and the passions that drive me outside of work. Christian Dior is an extraordinary company, and it has been an immense privilege to be allowed to write a few pages of this magnificent book. I want to thank M. Bernard Arnault for the trust he has out in me, giving me the incredible opportunity to work at this beautiful house surrounded by the most amazing team one could ever dream of. I have also had the chance over the last few years to benefit from the leadership of Sidney Toledano. His thoughtful, heartfelt and inspired management will also remain as one of the most important experience of my professional career. "

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