October 19, 2015


The modern life of a teenage boy.

Lately these weeks a crazy vintage light bulb has magically flickered on. My style of music and fashion have completely drifted from BeyoncĂ© to Michael Jackson or Versace to Gucci. That doesn't completely mean that I am a new person, nor that I will stop listening to BeyoncĂ© (is that even possible?) My impossible dream would probably be wanting to grow up in the 90's. There is something so intriguing about music and fashion that was made before I was born that I can't seem to stop pondering about and I think fashion agrees with me. 

Donatella Versace redesigned boots for Fall 2015 that were originally designed by the genius himself, Gianni Versace, back in Fall 1991 and from there, everything begun. I began researching different designers and comparing their new collections with some of their old collections and honestly, it's safe to say that moms are finally allowed to pull out those dust-infested blouses that they have be hiding for years and ironically I have been taking a few pieces from my mom's closet that I hope to wear soon, when the weather starts changing. (It is still 90 degrees in Southern California)

Kimiko Whittend is the designer behind the absolutely amazing Sun and Seeds fashion label, which I am obsessed with and thankful she is helping everyone achieve that modern-vintage look for Spring 2016. I attending her fashion show yesterday during Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles and I was not disappointed whatsoever, her show was so worth waiting like 40 minutes while everyone got seated. The metallic gold skin tight skirts, loosely draped clothes and bright clothes really surprised me, in the best way possible.

Images // Chris Hernandez 
Location // The REEF in Los Angeles
Designs by Sun and Seeds

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