October 28, 2015


"Like, I'm not afraid."

Personally I do not know how much pain the fashion industry can take at this point, first Alexander Wang leaves Balenciaga, Raf Simons shocks the world out of nowhere stating that is going to leave Christian Dior and now Alber Elbaz is leaving Lanvin. Frankly, I am speechless. What's next? Lagerfeld leaving Chanel (which honestly doesn't even sound that bad, Chanel needs some re-inventing). I am trying to look at it as a positive thing, maybe Lanvin needed something new and maybe Dior has some even better awaiting their arrival.

Donatella Versace (a designer who hasn't completely cheated on the fashion world) has always been someone I look up too, not only because of her stunning collections that she brings to us yearly but because of what a strong woman she is, even though she has said before that she is very self-conscious, I mean common, her brother (I just want to mention what an iconic designer he was in the 90's) was murdered outside of his Miami home. Can you just imagine the immense pain she went though and that she is probably still going through as we speak?

Putting aside the tragic death of her brother, Donatella is simply amazing, artistically. The womenswear collections that she releases 6 times (2 resort, 2 haute couture and 2 ready-to-wear) a year are always so bold and young. She knows how to make a women powerful and me, being a strong believer of the equality of women, am obsessed with that. For Spring 2016, Donatella incorporated a certain element of couture, some of the pieces from this collection were very similar to the Fall 2015 couture collection she launched in July, which is a great thing because it gives the customer a couture-inspired piece without those couture prices. Along with that, you'll be getting platform shoes, military inspired jackets, bold branding and bright colors.

Photos // Gianni Pucci
Collection By Donatella Versace for Spring/Summer 2016

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