November 18, 2015


*Eats pizza while reading about athleticism*
*immediately opens 24 hour fitness website to begin a membership* 

I'm not exactly the athletic type of person, everyone at my school loves sports (football and soccer, to be specific) but sports have never interested me - or being athletic for that matter (I was THAT boy that was made fun of when I was younger). While everyone speaks about the fact that our school won the latest football game, I talk about this seasons trends and New York (New York is seriously never going to get out of my head until I arrive to JFK airport knowing that I have an apartment in Manhattan awaiting my arrival.)

However, lately I've had a lot of thoughts about myself, how I want to feel about myself. It's easy to fake your confidence but it is much harder to actual FEEL confident and I want to feel confident, I want confidence to run through my veins, I want my confidence to be smelled a mile away. I look at all the food around me at it's all disgusting - and is extremely unhealthy. I want to start eating healthier, more organic food. I've considered subscribing to a gym membership but I always just leave those thoughts locked in a secret place in my head.

Of course, one of my highest concerns was, what am I going to wear? I couldn't just enter the gym in any old rags, especially for someone who is in love with and is going to work in fashion.

Stella McCartney creates collections for Adidas every season that looks like the most amazing thing that can ever be worn to work out. She stated that her recent collection for Spring 2016 was more about comfort and specifically for "athletes" rather than the aesthetics. Either way, she created a stunning collection with color, lightness and style.

Photos // Vogue Runway

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