November 19, 2015


Amede Resort 2016

Throughout my life I've received many compliments on my work, whether it was one of my horrible (at least I think so) sketches of my designs or whether it was the way I dressed. However, I've never truly been happy with my own work, especially knowing that I could have done something different - or something better. 

There are two things that occurred to me that got me thinking about my work. My brother and I were hanging out a few weeks ago and he said to me, " Damn, my friend draws so sick but when I compliment him, he always contradicts me. " and that really got me thinking about myself and how much that sounds like me. 

Something else that got me thinking was the Carolina Herrera interview by The New York Times. In that interview she speaks on the process behind her Spring 2015 fashion show and the fact that she is never truly satisfied on her work and that surely got me thinking, again. What do other designers think about their work after it is presented during a fashion show?

Last Saturday I had the privilege to attend the LA collections // runway shows presented by Oxford Fashion Studio and I saw gorgeous designs by designers such as Bordeleau, M.V.C.C, Amede and much more. The event was amazing and the designs were far from amazing.

Amede presented her Resort 2016 collection and I was just beyond amazed, my jaw was probably somewhere on the floor. Amede Nzeribe is a Nigerian designer whose goal is to create clothes for a woman that can stand out but not show off and she completely nailed that, how can you not look at a woman who is wearing one of her pieces. Colorful hand-dyed fabric, flare pants, A-line dresses, that is creating fashion for the modern woman. What isn't there to love about this collection?

Photos // Chris Hernandez - for bookings contact

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