November 26, 2015


For the love of vintage Mexican ponchos and black turtlenecks.

It's on, the countdown for Christmas has begun. This year, my feeling have drifted drastically about the holidays. Personally I could have cared less about "all this" last year but I just couldn't this year, I begun my countdown for Christmas earlier this year after finishing up season 6 of Glee and realizing how spectacular New York is during the holidays. No, I am not in New York (I wish I was, soon though) but I love dreaming.

BREAKING NEWS: California has officially begun cooling down after months of over 90 degree weather. If you live in Southern California, you know how horrible it was. Months and months of, what seemed endless, heat. California can be a pretty weird place, mainly because our Fall barely begun, even though we're 2 months in.

I know this is something I shouldn't worry much about because I'm still young but I really do wish I had that one special person I could sit at a Caf√© and drinking Eggnog while speaking about anything. Fashion, musical theatre, anything really (EXCEPT sports, I know absolutely nothing about sports and don't really care to know, if I'm brutally honest.) The truth is, I'm not even one the search for a boyfriend, I'm just really on the search for a friend. I'm pretty lonely most of the time and I'm so different from the crowd so it is pretty hard to find friends.

I don't think you need someone else to make you happy but I think it would be something different for a change. I've made myself for my entire life (at least I think so) and I really want something different. I want to experience something new.

I came into my new school with high hopes to meet cool people but truly my expectation were so high up and I didn't realize that till I actually begun school back in September. I envisioned myself walking into class, asking for a pencil and just magically become friends with the person next to me but obviously has not succeeded.

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