November 23, 2015


When did a piece of plastic make a boy gay?
When did it become wrong to be a feminine gay individual?

Barbies - or dolls, whatever you'd like to call them, have been said to be created for "girls". Men, and even women, have always found it emasculating for a boy to play with barbies, or even walk through the barbie section at Target. Truthfully, I never understood why.

When I first found out that Moschino was launching I thought that was really amazing, I love barbies and Moschino but when I found out that a boy was being cast for the ad, I lost it. It made me extremely happy because of how rapidly our society is leaving gender stereotypes behind (or at least I thought). When I managed to calm myself I really started to see things through and I just knew that they was so much hate going to be said about a little boy in the comment section and well, I wasn't wrong.
"What the fuck is this garbage?"
 "The mother of that boy deserves to be shot in the head."
 "so that kid is a faggot?"
Those are just 3 of the first comments that caught my attention, I did not have the courage to continue going down the comments. I don't understand why someone would say something like that, it's truly disgusting. You can not tell a child what the like and what they don't, a boy playing with barbies doesn't make him gay, just like playing with cars doesn't make him straight.

One of the biggest questions that I've asked myself was, "Why can't we all be happy? Why must you inforce you enforce your fucking gender roles on everything that breathes?" No one seems to give me an answer or most of the time it's some shit answer that makes no sense.

Another issue that I can't get out of my head either is why it's wrong for a gay person to be feminine. I scrolled past many comments of gays attacking the child for being being feminine, I was left speechless.

This topic means so much to me because when I was younger I had to hide, I hid who I was. I played barbies with my sisters because it's just something that came natural to me. I loved changing their clothes, changing up their hairstyle, pretending I was someone else for just a few minutes and it hurts when you feel like you don't fit in and you finally find something that helps ease the pain and you're severely insulted for it.

We have to change this, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, today. Work on yourself, on not assuming the gender roles that your parents assumed on you. This is a new generation, our parents were raised in a different time. Help them and yourself understand the world, to spread love and not hate because we only have each other and the truth is that we're slowly killing each other.

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