November 29, 2015


No, means no.
But in fashion, no just might mean yes. 

Sex is that topic that no one really learns about, you just know. My generation is growing so quickly, which is amazing because it helps them learn about accepting all ethnicities, genders and sexualities. Of course, there's those asshole kids that are just shit when they're growing up and that most likely won't change but why don't we focus on the kids that are so kind hearted.

However, sex is never truly discussed in schools (nor parents if we speak realistically) and that is a problem. There are so many things that can go wrong, you can accidently end up with a child underage or you can get in touch with an STD. The young gay community can be very ignorant towards sex (I, myself, included), they think, "Oh, it's not like I can impregnate another man or woman. " No of course you can not impregnate another person but you can really ruin your life (or your partners) by catching an STD or even worse, HIV. "Don't be silly, wrap your willy." - I saw this on a picture once.

Do you know where sex can be incorporated and stay 100% safe? FASHION. Okay no, not literally commit the act itself but you incorporate sex appeal into your wardrobe. The truth is, it is impossible to think of sex appeal in fashion without thinking of Dior Fall 2003, that collection was a sex explosion. "SEX ROBOTS!" - John Galliano backstage.

Fetish goddesses in Kabuki face paint, chiffon trimmings, rubber cross-laced up, massive fur coats in shades of pink, loose pearl chokers. The fashion that John Galliano creates are those thoughts that you keep hidden in the back of your mind and don't ever speak of, guilty pleasures per say. How exactly do even get in such pieces? By asking Gwen Stefani, she seemed quite interested in the pieces back when the collection was first presented. "Just how do I get my ass into that rubber skirt?" - Gwen Stefani in 2003. 

Photos // Marcio Madeira via Vogue Runway and tumblr user Les Incroyables

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