November 12, 2015


On the whole shenanigans surrounding Essena O'neill and the stunning Lily Aldridge slaying the firework fantasy bra at the 20th annual Victoria's Secret Fashion show.

This week (November 10, 2015) was the 20th annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and I was obsessed with a lot of looks from this show, it was so much better than last year. I don't have much information about the show because everyone that I added on snapchat couldn't give many details, such as Kristina Bazan, I was hoping to get a few videos on the runway show but she wasn't allowed to record - or at least I believe.

However, I do want to congratulate the gorgeous Lily Aldridge for having the privilege of completely slaying the 'Fireworks Fantasy Bra'. I'm a fanatic of all things luxury so knowing that the "outfit", I quote outfit because I'm not exactly sure whether or not a bra and underwear with "fireworks" attached to her back is considered an outfit, is constructed of 6500 gems and worth $2,000,000 is amazing.

Of course, there being so much lingerie and media exposure I thought of the "situation" that occurred a couple weeks, with Essena O'neill and her entire quitting social media rant.

Instantly when I came across it on instagram, I thought of it as something brave and different that she did, really helping expose how cruel this world - and your mind, can really be. However, after reading articles on websites and watching countless amounts of videos on her website - and youtube, which was since then deleted, I began looking at things more clearly.

She once complained about going on an 8 hour photoshoot for an instagram picture to promote a swimsuit and truthfully, I didn't understand why - that was her job, she was making money out of that post. She chose to go on a photoshoot and promote a swimsuit. It would have only been appropriate of her to express dissatisfaction is she would have done with voluntarily for her instagram followers and even so, it was very unreasonable. She chose to do it.

The entire reason of her unexpected rage against social media was misrepresentation in the media (the majority in the fashion industry), and that is something that is constantly argued by many people on all platforms but everyone seems to alway have the same answer, just change the way media works.

The thing is, my views on the fashion industry are completely different from a vast portion of the world. To me, fashion is suppose to be this area of creativity and to imagine the impossible. I want to be able to look into a fashion magazine and feel like I am escaping from the real world. Everyone has experienced reality and we all know that it isn't very kind. That is the reason why I love fashion, I want to have a moment of euphoria. Not to see my reality projected onto the media.

DISCLAIMER: none of the photos above belong to me.

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