December 5, 2015


Superstar. Activist. Actress. Woman.

Everyone translates art differently, whether you prefer going the traditional way and literally drawing or whether you prefer to wear your art. You're still an artist and as an artist, you can't force art. You see, that the thing about being an artist, it needs to be done when you want to do it. You can not force creativity.

Recently, Lady Gaga landed the cover of Billboard Magazine, where she speaks on a range of topics, exploring into her 30's, the art of darkness, speaking for the Emotion Revolution at Yale and most importantly, quitting music.

She wanted to quit music do to the fact that she felt overworked. She stated, "I have had to make decisions. Okay, Stefani, Gaga, hybrid-person. Why are you unhappy? Why is it that you wanted to quit music a couple years ago?" She added, "I feel sad, I'm overworked and that I just become a money making machine, and that my passion and my creativity take a back seat. That makes me unhappy, it feels shallow. I have a lot more to offer than my image. "

Gaga began her music career in 2008 with the album "The Fame" which brought us hit songs such as Poker Face, Paparazzi, and Just Dance, she continued dropping hit singles such as Bad Romance, Alejandro, and the BeyoncĂ© duet, Telephone. With her fifth album on the way - LG5 - we can expect a lot from Stefani (Gaga's real name) in 2016.

She is not only a musical artist, but recently a new born actress, beginning her acting career in the horringing hit anthology television series, American Horror Story. Appearing on "Hotel" as the lead character named Elizabeth Johnson, better known as "The Countess", who is a bloodsucking fashionista.

While filming American Horror Story, Gaga took part of the Tom Ford Spring 2016 fashion video which her vocals were used to sing "I Want Your Love". She worked alongside models such as Lucky Blue Smith, Xaio Wen Ju, David Agbodji and many more.

In February 2015, Lady Gaga got engaged with Taylor Kinney, an American actor and model. Proposing to her in a heart-shaped diamond ring with their initials on the opposite side of the ring, embellished with diamonds.

Congratulations to mother monster to her well earned Woman of the Year by Billboard Magazine, read full story read HERE and see all pictures HERE.

Photography // Inez and Vinoodh via Billboard Magazine
Hair and Makeup // Frederic Aspiras & Sarah Nicole Tanno 
Styling // Brandon Maxwell

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