December 3, 2015


Not everything has to be dark towards the end of the season, here is Diane von Furstenberg's most recent Pre-Fall collection. 

It is safe to say that most designers create the best fashions during their resort/pre-fall collections. The [resort/pre-fall] collections that Karl Lagerfeld creates for Chanel are stunning, look at their Resort 2016 collection and most recently, their Pre-Fall 2016 collection.

When I discovered Diane von Furstenberg, I loved the brand immediately, the brand reflects a modern fashionable woman in New York. There is always a certain element of color in her designs, whether she is creating a new version of her iconic wrap dress, or just creating next seasons silhouette.

Black on black is not my first choice, and probably will never be. (Can we be friends, Anna Wintour?) I generally always love adding color in my outfits, (yes,  I know that I wore a 3 piece, all black outfit on Halloween, but it was Halloween. I was experimenting.) I think of it as an expression that reflects my personality and I consider my personality very loud and colorful. 

The month before Fall [and chilly wind] everyone is stocking up on coats and practical Fall gear. Ms. Furstenberg is here to help, drop all those dark looks and start the color blocking. That is the magic about her designs, there is color all year around, blue, orange, beige, they're all there. Coats, dresses, booties, flare pants. Jetsetter's, get ready for this collection. 

Photos // Courtesy of Diane von Furstenberg via Vogue Runway
View full collection on HERE

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