December 28, 2015


That is why artists are so important, they help you make sure that you're, in fact, not a emotionless machine.

There is something so crazy about images - the power that they have on you. An image can either bring you an unmeasurable amount of happiness or endless sadness. What they're able to make you feel is so unexplainable, quick heart beats, teary eyes, sorrow. I'm such an emotional person, I love romantic movies and intimate poems, fashion and broadway. They all have the same thing in common; vulnerability.

They can access this part of yourself that didn't know existed - that is why artists are so important, they help you make sure that you're, in fact, not a emotionless machine.

Sometimes I wake up and ask myself, "Why do I feel like this?" but you just don't know, no drive to do absolutely anything, but I have remind myself that I'm not going to become an editor by just laying there, not doing anything. I'm not going to move to New York but just laying there, I'm not going to be anything by just laying there.

Sometimes I have remind myself that Anna Wintour didn't get where she is by sitting there and crying about every little thing that went wrong in her life. Many designers like Marc Jacobs, Victor Alfaro or Azzedine Alaia went through rough things throughout their career and yet there they all are.

Victor Alfaro, natively from Mexico, arrived to the states in the early '80s. Later attending New York's Fashion Institute of Technology and in 1994 won the CFDA Perry Ellis award. 

He is now in return to reboot his clothing label, in 1998 he went through an unsuccessful collaboration that he knew from the beginning wasn't the brightest idea but still went for it, he took a risk. In his case, there was no happy ending to that.

Mr. Alfaro debuted his first collection since over a decade in September of 2013 during New York Fashion Week for the season of Spring 2014.

Many thought it would be a problem building himself up since the invention of technology and social media but he wasn't afraid. "A lot of designers sit around tweeting and twatting, that's fine, but for a pricey line like mine, it is going to take a lot more than that."

Now a lot more established that he was in 2013 he has been bringing his signature minimal looks. For Pre-Fall 2016 there are loosely-draped beige silk-pleated dress, long over-sized coats with a knot to help with closure, black jumpsuits, black dressed with black lace to finish the garment off. Double breasted coats and ankle boots for a simple and fashionable woman.

Photos // Jeremy Williams via Vogue Runway

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