December 2, 2015


 This month's Interview Magazine cover is one of the most famous teenagers in the world.

21st Century It girl, woman on top a $5 million dollar net worth, this girl can walk into any room without the need of any introduction, she's easily the world's most famous teenager and is practically molded into a modern day celebrity, much like the body cast that she is wearing above. 

With a new lip kit just released, countless clothing lines with Pacsun and Topshop, and just recently the most popular from the Kardashian-Jenner clan and soon to launch her own game in collaboration with sister Kendall Jenner. When Kylie launched her app and website early September, it skyrocketed up to number one with up to 75% of the downloads and quickly appearing on the trending applications section. She is rapidly taking over the world and creating an empire rather, than just being known as "the girl with the sister that made her famous by having a sex tape leaked and landing them their own reality tv show." 

Kylie begun a series on her instagram with the hashtag "#IAmMoreThan" to help those who have overcame bullying and bringing attention to them, she thought if she'd speak about her personal stories about bullying, society wouldn't have sympathy, or take her seriously.

When I came across this photoshoot I was in shock, I was in shock on how gorgeous the pictures were, they're so different from traditional high-fashion cover shoots for magazines. I love a certain feel of uniqueness. I needed to share the beauty of these images. This shoot is very much Kylie, sexy clothing such, as latex, leather heels, two pieces.

Check Kylie Jenner's full interview on Interview Magazine HERE and don't forget to pick up your copy on newsstands.
Photos // Steven Klein via Interview Magazine
Stylist // Karl Templer
First look // body cast by Issey Miyake, briefs by The Latex Store, shoes by Christian Dior
Second look // top by Vex Clothing, skirt and gloves by Dawnamatrix, stockings by Atsuko Kudo, shoes by Manolo Blahnik and Pleaser
Third look // bodysuit by Tableaux Vivants, collar by Dawnamatrix, shoes by Christian Dior
Fourth look // bra by Chromat, harness by Dawnamatrix, shoes by Christian Dior 
Fifth look // bra by House of Etiquette, briefs by The Latex Store, gloves by FeTISSO, socks by Dawnamatrix, shoes by Vivienne Westwood

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