December 9, 2015


Where does God's will end and societies evil heart begin?
Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear.

Religion, fashion and gay rights have always been controversial topics - I will not discuss gay rights on this post because I've expressed my opinions in a previous post - many people believe that religion is just a sad excuse that people use to extort the world, while many think fashion is for the dumb and ignorant who can't do anything else with their life but admire clothes.

Neither are wrong - however, fashion-lovers are not dumb and certain communities actually do use religion as an excuse for the extortion of "sinful" communities, take the Westboro Baptist Church for example, they preach on their "righteous" judgment when there is not one holy bone in their ancient bodies.

I've never truly understood why they do such things, aren't we all created equal?

Of course, a true artist, such as Riccardo Tisci can combine both and create such inspirational garments. T-bar foreign school boy shoes, thorn-crowned Jesus imprinted on multiple pieces, oversized t-shirts and coats, single color suits, loosely draped overalls. Striped pants with the same image of Jesus imprinted on both thighs in a variety of color, Tisci is not afraid of letting his catholicism inspire him.

Photos // Monica Feudi via Vogue Runway (to view full collection click HERE)

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