January 20, 2016


Creative Direction: dismissed.

Everyone has that one person that they watch interviews of on Youtube late at night and as you watch that video you think, "I want to be you." Yes I get it, everyone is their own personality and their own identity but don't lie, you know you've done it. Well that is how I felt when I watched "The September Issue" or "In Vogue: Through The Editor's Eye." Grace Coddington is the person that inspires me creatively. It is so exciting when you buy a new Vogue issue and you're so pumped to look at the new masterpiece that Ms. Coddington has created.

This morning it was released to the website Business of Fashion that Grace Coddington was backing down from position of Creative Director at Vogue after over 25 years. She's not completely blocking Vogue out of her life, she will still be an essential part of the Vogue team as an editor-at-large.

She has begun working on projects with brands. One that I am personally very excited about is her perfume that she is collaborating with Comme des Garçons to create. The iconic stylist will be represented by Great Bowery which represents both iconic photographers Annie Leibovitz and Bruce Weber.

I was completely startled in class when I read the story this morning while in class, I thought this would be the last of Grace but like she said, "I don't want to sit around." I think I speak for all us fashion enthusiasts - we're looking forward to watching her brand out in new projects. Farewell.

Photos // David Simons

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