January 18, 2016


The title of this post may or may not have been influenced by the song, "Arthur's Theme"
Versace Fall 2016 Menswear

Donatella. Even saying her name is out of this world, such a holy feeling when it rolls off your tongue. (To everyone who said Donatella after reading my previous sentence: Do you agree?)

Fall 2016 seems to be a season for the help of our friendly neighborhood aliens, the runway resembled what your fellow extraterrestrial friends travel in, the unspoken of, UFO. While Ms. Donatella is thinking in the future, other designers, such as Alessandro Michele (Gucci) seem to be looking in the past, possibly 70's to be specific, both are equally as beautiful, just so different. 

Hunky models and velcro strapped shoes, metallic pants and metallic jackets with fur collars, underneath all this fashion: a chunky turtleneck. A combo that many people don't try in fear of creating a look that can only be described as clutter, which sadly is the case a majority of the time. And yes, I specifically included "hunky men" as part of the combo because most "hunky men" seem to think that by being unfashionable it'll show the world that they take themselves too seriously to care for what drapes on top their over-spray-tanned, 6-packed bodies.

Loose lavender turtlenecks, above: a double-breasted beige coats with raw edges made of cashmere, sleeves with thrown-on stars, which the inspiration was obvious: a sky full of stars (Hello Coldplay). Suits - but not just any suits, button-ups and ties made a metallic fabric and blazers adorned with brooches, one blazer had a sky full of, what seemed, stars. Leather jackets (one cropped) with patches that have the signature (and iconic) Versace branding, others included a gradient universe. This collection was, can we say, out of this world - no pun intended.

to view full Versace Fall 2016 collection click HERE
Photos // Yannis Vlamos via Vogue Runway 

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