January 19, 2016


This year's depressing collection: Dior Pre-Fall 2016.

It's been roughly 3 months since Raf's departure from Dior, and I think some people (me) are still sad about this. Raf was perfect for Dior - I love Galliano's work, it's so intense and sexually beautiful, but it wasn't for Dior. Raf Simons was perfect for the 69-year-old fashion house, they went together like peanut butter and jelly. And ironically, I think peanut butter and jelly is disgusting.

The collection for Pre-fall didn't work together at all, however that didn't make it any less beautiful. The white and brown fur coat draped over the model, with a white, blue and black double breasted coat with a striped pattern. Some looks resembling the amazing fashion of the early 2000's - loosely draped on the body, statement jewels. Camel color turtlenecks and marine-blue trousers with a blue crocodile bag.

Leather skirts, knitted crewnecks, much like the ones we received from the great Raf himself during the Spring 2016 season before his official good-bye's. There is a certain sense of simplicity and eccentricity for many of the looks, it targets 2 very different kind of customers in a artistically amazing way: black and white swirl suits and all black double-breasted coats. The colorful layering of pieces, a bright color bag that can do the speaking for you in the outfits. So feminine and masculine for the different kind of girls that are the Dior customers.

Photos // Collier Schorr via Vogue Runway

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