January 17, 2016


 I never truly understood the phrase, "anything for the photo" till today.

My days usually revolve around thinking of new ideas, most of the time it seems practically impossible to even create the image that I envision in my head. Today, as I finished getting ready at my aunt's house, I thought, "Hey, why don't I have a photoshoot inside the jumper and let's see what shot would come up." Of course I envisioned an idea, did it go as planned? Of course not, but it made me happy knowing that I still went and did it. Sometimes it really isn't about getting something at the end, just go with it.

My shoot was about 1 and a half hour long, I had to take multiple breaks or else I would literally die (I wasn't going to really die, I just really like exaggeration). However, this really helped me understand the phrase, "anything for the photo." I mean, besides the fact that I completely ruined my distressed jeans and most likely going to get sick, but I consider it a success. There is so much adrenaline going through your veins that you don't care what you have to do for the perfect photo.

The images will most likely never be released just because they were all horrible, there was one that I truly liked but it just wasn't "blog worthy" or internet worthy for that matter. Actually, who am I kidding? They all sucked. The only ones that I think could have been the best were the ones that were blurring and well, obviously I'm not going to upload a horrifying low quality photo where the outline of my body is the only thing visible.

Out of all of this I learned one thing: there are many more options to being active than just playing sports or exercising.

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