January 25, 2016


Whatever goes through his mind is none of our business. 
Art is impossible to be explained.

At some point in our life, as fashion aficionados we ask ourselves, "Exactly how wearable are Mr. Owens' designs?" While they are amazing and quite interesting each season, we've never seen someone wear one of his dresses outside of the red carpet. Just last season, in October, he sent models down the runway in velcro straps carrying other models on their backs and chests. Whatever goes through his mind is none of our business. Art is impossible to be explained. However, as an aspiring journalist it is my responsible to talk about the look and feel of the collection.

Typical and simple could be the only possible way that I could describe the color palette of the collection. Gray, black, chalk white - which some of the models faces with plastered with, literally. The amazing thing about the designs of the one, Mr. Rick Owens, is what speaks in the collections. Color is important to almost every designer, except Rick Owens. While other designers allow the color to do the speaking he does the opposite; the silhouette speaks.

There is no sign of pants getting tighter - on the contrary, they're getting wider. Look at those hemlines, they're huge. Cropped double-breasted blazers, with colors that varied from navy blue to gray. Sheepskin coats and corpse gray trench coats. Velvet was a fabric that I found white intresting while looking through the collection. There was a certain feeling of life, ironically. There are many things that are going on in this violent world so it's easy to transmit that your work. Let's all have hope, hope for the best.

Photos // Marcus Tondo via Vogue Runway

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