February 24, 2016


Admit it, we all have those days where we play her [Madonna] entire discography on shuffle.

I think we all have those days where we need some empowerment, when I think of power I think of the one and only queen - the most iconic of them all: Madonna. Admit it, we all have those days where we play her entire discography on shuffle and just, I don't know, let our body move to the music. Listening to her is such a religious feeling, the feeling is actually unexplainable. You feel like you're ready to run outside fuck with everyone's feelings - not something that is the best thing to do but I'm trying to speak as realistically as possible.

In other news: I'm moving houses! It can be quite annoying and frustrating thing to do but all the decisions are up to my mom and well, she thought that we needed a fresh start and I mean she saw an opportunity so she took it. Most people are quite iffy about moving houses because of memories, that is something that I couldn't stop thinking about while I envisioned how I was going to adorn our new home... or house, actually. What's my point? I've never really had a "home." I'm constantly moving houses, just last year was probably the year that I would remember forever. I moved a whopping 4 times in a year, can you believe that? I always kept that private to myself or at least kept it secret from my friends and people around me.

My constant moving of houses is one of the major reasons I love fashion, I love how fast-paced it is - as soon as last season is over, it's over, like literally. Like we don't want to hear about it - buh-bye. My career in fashion would consist of me going all over the place - I've decided to add the term "photographer" to the many titles that I can be called. I've always loved photography and creating my own original content is the best thing to do. That doesn't specifically mean that I'm not going to upload a few runway shows from Vogue.com, it just means that you'll probably get more unique content that I can create myself (most of the time.)

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