February 17, 2016


To all Lana del Rey fans: this may seem like a shock to you but the work 'freak' is not reserved for Lana only. 
And no, this posts contains nothing about Ms. Del Rey.

The smell of moist air and the sound of screaming children coming out of school; that is what most people from SoCal tend to hear quite frequently. From one day to another it starts raining - just yesterday was about 88 degrees fahrenheit and right now, as I type this post, it is raining with 60 degree weather. I don't know if the rain triggers any emotions in anyone else but my mom certainly feels something from this cloudy day - roughly an hour ago she told me she "couldn't" go to work because rainy days were for sleeping in and cuddling with a nearby teddy bear, or in her case a 'I Love You Grandma' pink pillow (by the way, thank you Zayn for making me feel like there are people in the world that speak to their pillows.) that my 5-year-old nephew gifted her just this past valentine's day.

I generally don't think very much of the rain. "Oh, it's raining outside? Thank God, we're in a fucking drought." The rain, however, doesn't exactly change anybody's schedules, just a few weeks ago my cousin and I stood in line for 2 hours, while it poured rain, to enter a museum that, speaking realistically, was extremely boring. While we were driving through Century City, to go the museum, I saw people just doing what they do best here in SoCal: husting. There was a man that was selling magazines in his newsstand while the strong winds seemed to be kicking us out of the city. Was it worth it? Totally, you know why? Because he got 2 purchases from me and the phone number of a beautiful girl. It just seems so interesting how hard working people are here in the South of The Golden State. It can be quite rewarding.

*p.s. my mom went to work.*

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