February 15, 2016


You learn by making mistakes, that is something very important that I learned from my dad.

The entire world is filled with horror, we're all afraid of different things - some of us are afraid of minor things (or situations) that are literally nonexistent. I basically live in a word of nonexistent situations - this sucks because a simple thought can completely haunt you. You start having thoughts like, "Oh shit, what if that happens to me?"

A lot of us teenagers are always being put under so much pressure. "You have to prepare with college." "You need to have better grades." "You need more friends." Our parents, teachers, siblings, family etc, all constantly on our backs about every little thing. Education can be tricky because everyone wants to be educated, but the thing is that everyone thinks that being educated is knowing what 176 x 37 is and yet know one what is going on the world. 

If you personally want to go to college - go for it, it's about doing what you like because life is racing through, and if you don't live the life that you want well... you're going to regret it. I try to do something that I find pleasure in doing. Sometimes friends that I rarely talk to will ask like questions like, "Omg, how do you go to those events and how do you meet this person.." and so on and so on, not that I'm like a superstar or anything but I try, you know. I try to live as much as possible. 

I love going to fashion shows because I genuinely love fashion, no matter what crazy-nonexistent thoughts I have running through my mind, that's the one thing that I try using to replace my twisted thoughts. Most people are like, "Well you don't really enjoy it because you're giving them something in exchange [a blogpost]." But I don't mind because to me it seems like I'm having fun, I love what I do. I have so much fun writing these posts and taking photographs and meeting people - I met one of my best friends in a show that I went to that back in November. 

Sometimes our elders just need to let us explore more and explain to us that is just as okay not going to college as it is going. You learn by making mistakes, that is something very important that I learned from my dad. 

*I only write posts about designers/collections that I genuinely like and nothing on this website is sponsored*

Photos by yours truly. 
Model // Alexandra Franco

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