February 1, 2016


I'm constantly influenced by music, I mean c'mon, look through the titles on my blog. 
As of this title - thanks, Cyndi Lauper. 

Lately life has been what I've always wanted it to be, I find myself smiling way more. That is all I've ever really wanted, sometimes I feel like it is not to much to ask for, well at least compared to the material things that I like. I've always been so afraid of being alone, it haunts me, knowing that I am alone. I've always wanted to change this about me, I'd never want to depend on my surroundings for my fulfillment.

Most of the time I talk about people that have let me down, and what they've done that let me down, but I never mentioned what good has came out of it. This is something that we should all learn, learning to divide the good and the bad. I'll take myself for example - first of all, I wouldn't be here typing this right now if it weren't because of them. I built this website based on myself because I wanted to find out how far I could go - it was a method of self-discovery for me after I felt like I was crumbling down. I love writing, I love fashion, I love expressing myself and this is what this website is about. 6 months in - it's working, I'm slowly, but surely, discovering myself and at the same time building myself. If that makes any sense? 

I was always took this website very seriously - or at least when I relaunched it in July 2015. I've met thanks to it, so this post is sort of a thank you to anyone who left me behind, anyone who doubted my worth because thanks to you I am slowly becoming who I've always wanted to be. Being bored all the time and having these thoughts racing through my mind is part of the reason of the re-launch of this site. 

That is how to divide the good and bad from everything because trust me, everything has a good and bad to it. It is just about you looking and finding it. And I still think there is a million different things that I can mention right now but I'm just pointed out the main source of my happiness.

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