March 30, 2016


The images: they're a story.

The thought of liking something too much gives me anxiety. I love musical theatre and fashion, so when I focus a little too much on something that isn't fashion, it scares me. Fashion can be likes drugs; I'm afraid of losing [my love] it. If I focus too much on music I tend to get scared, I feel like my "passion for fashion" (fuck, I hate that term) will fade and I'll just worry about theatre. There's nothing wrong with it but there is something in my brain that is just like "stop it."

It's been a struggle, something that I just have to deal with. I try telling myself that it's okay, if you really like a subject, it'll just come to you naturally (if only boys were like that). Venturing into different subjects is great, you learn about different cultures; different people; a different life style.

I'm going to watch Kinky Boots next month and while I purchased my tickets, I got sort of nervous. Like,  "What am I doing?" This crazy. But I'm excited nevertheless.

I've never really learned how to deal through the day without having crazy thoughts - I basically live in my head [and fear] - the world of the pessimists. I think of something considered "problematic" and boom! All the thoughts, they begin drowning me. But I manage, I somehow manage.

Photography by yourself truly

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