March 9, 2016


I've become the family fashion/design consultant.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned it in a previous post but I'm moving houses again and everything is super crazy - running back and forth from house to house, shopping literally all day (which doesn't even sound that bad but is quite tiring), decided what colors, what furniture, where everything has to go and how it is supposed to be placed is quite insane may I say. 

I'm the "creative" of the family so I'm being taken everywhere, everyone is calling me. When I envisioned moving to a bigger house, I assumed it would all be glamorous but it turns out there is many nails and instruction-reading involved. I haven't even been at my old house for more than 2 hours a day, it's like I go to school and my mom picks me up after and we just do what we have to do.

I really like doing it but it can be pretty exhausting, but this is only temporary so I don't really mind. By the end of this I will be so ready to just completely move in and relax.

The move is also a partial reason why I haven't been posting quite as often, the weekend is the only time that I have to take photos (or have them taken of me) and so I've been posting on Sunday's but I really do hate not posting because I just love doing it. In a way it's great that I'm busy doing "creative" things but I'm inspired most of the time which gives me great ideas for projects. Basically not being home inspires me most of the time - that is a much more simple way to say it.

These photos are like the debut of our new house, enjoy -  I literally had no tripod and no furniture to place my camera on.  

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