March 13, 2016


Ox by Olivia? I think yes. 

It's been awhile since I've attended any sort of fashion show since my last one in November and it feels quite great actually. Sometimes I tend to prefer underground shows for the simple reason of time - it's so horrible waiting in long lines (sort of ironic that I say that considering the fact that I never wait in lines - I'm usually press.) and having to deal with extremely bitchy PR girls.

I think I've been begun looking at life differently, as dumb as it sounds, my 15 birthday was sort of a turning point in my life. I felt different. It's hard to explain but I just felt ready for anything that life threw at me - this fashion show was sort of a step closer to a new Fernando, a much more confident Fernando.

Yesterday 3 completely different designers brought their designs to life - but by far one of my favorite was Ox by Olivia, which came as a huge shock to me. Ox by Olivia is a fashion label who focuses and jewelry and their show featured eyewear by Burkinabe Designs, I'm not the biggest jewelry or eyewear type of person so for me too love this collection of body jewels and eyewear was a huge shock to me.

There is such an identity of California in every piece, all hand-crafted, very subtly adorned but you definitely won't miss someone that is wearing a piece from their collection. The sunglasses by Burkinabe Designs are definitely the ones doing the speaking in the outfit, SoCal is a sun paradise (especially right now that the time has changed) so a pair of sunglasses are a must have.

Photography by Fernando Reyes

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