March 17, 2016


Damn Fernando, back at it again with your same model.

I constantly bitch about how boring my life is but I think I've just been sort of lying to myself the entire time - it's probably because I don't do anything on the weekdays that is quite memorable but then again it's the weekday, what am I expecting myself to do.

It's interesting because I'm always in Los Angeles, I love the the cultures all the people, all the art, all the street style (I mention street style because that's what LA is all about - rather than high fashion), there is so much you can do at all corners, eat all kinds of food; Fatburger, Urth Caffe, Sugar Fish, it's all here.

I didn't exactly discussed my day last weekend because most of the time I pre-type my posts, I do this because I only like writing when I'm inspired too, but most of the time I do not have images to go along with the post and to me there has to be some sort of photograph that I personally like - I think it makes everything go well. Plus, this is a website surrounded around Fashion and Lifestyle, why wouldn't there be a photograph attached the the post?

A couple weeks ago I went downtown - downtown LA of course, my cousin gave us the bright idea to go to Urth Caffe since she loves Urth. And so we did but in a way it was kind of an adventure (p.s. I just want to mention that our waiter was so gorgeous) after I finished half of my Greek salad and asked for a box to-go we ventured off to the Arts District in Los Angeles.

I had been wanting to go to the Arts District because I am such an art junky, I love art. And so we did - we begun to have a photoshoot in the streets, the buildings are really nice, it sort of reminded me of a smaller Soho. After like 20 minutes of dark photography, we decided to sneak into a building to go on their rooftop pool and shoot some pictures, which isn't exactly the brightest idea considering if someone thought we were like a threat or something, we could have been like, arrested.

After that we were scared out of our minds in an alley, which isn't much of a surprise considering the fact that it was already dark out. Just know that we ran for our lives. The rest of the night mainly consisted of us sort of looking for something to do. What is there to do as a teenage at night? Not very much. However, I somehow always find something to do. Regardless of age.

Photography by yourself truly

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