March 26, 2016


While in the middle of listening to ZAYN's [holy] new album it occurred to me how ignorant the millennials [us] are. 

I find words intresting. I find sentences intresting. We don't really know what anything means, it's just sort of like, "Okay, I've heard people say this a million times, so I'm going to say it too." I mean, most of the time they aren't difficult words, they're just words that we kind of use. This came to me during class; I was listening to ZAYN's [amazing] new album and writing paragraphs for situations that my English substitute-teacher gave us to write about - it occurred to me that we don't really know the meaning the anything that we write about, or even talk about for that matter.

We go through life not knowing and truthfully, not giving a fuck about anything. I'm not trying to set myself apart from society because I, like everyone else, lives life like that. I personally think that nowadays it is exceptionally important to care about understanding and knowing about many things. We live an ignorant lifestyle and still manage to complain about why the government fucks us over - like, really?

It's obviously not an easy transition but I think it's really a matter of personal preference, you can't force people into something that they don't want. I respect everybody's choice. I want everyone to be happy - life is too short for frowns.

Besides my somewhat "weird" rants I've managed to get my first writing job! I'm writing an article [and hopefully shooting] for a fashion magazine. I've been writing for the LA Fashion Magazine's website since last month but I love doing a lot of things at once (which can end up being quite difficult but I eventually make it through) and challenging myself. I think I prefer real life experience compared to college experience, it's more like 'ok, do this right now and if you do this wrong you're fired but you'll still get something out of it a.k.a learning from your mistakes.' Isn't that just the best deal ever?

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