March 20, 2016


The biggest benefit of love is popularity - everyone talks about aspiring to those cheesy instagram couples, even though they clearly know that they'll probably never become them.
I guess the most important question right now is I'm just bitter?

What is love? (It's not very typical for me to start my posts with a question but it's good to change every now and then.) But really, what is your definition of love?

I'm a teenager, I go to high-school (obviously) so I'm constantly surrounded by young adults and they're always falling in and out of "love". When you find yourself telling multiple people that you're in love with them - does it mean anything? We [teens] tend to lean on something so much that we forget if we'll be able to live without it. 

Recently I've been watching many [romantic] movies from the 20th century (and early 2000's) - those were the days where the word love meant something. Nowadays it's just like, "You're cute. I love you. Let's go out." You don't ever get to actually know the other person. 

After reading this everyone is going to come up to saying things like, "You're so bitter" or "You never in a relationship, what do you know?" And yes it's true. And I've also previously expressed my hopeless romantic side by saying things like, "I wish I had someone by my side." but that doesn't mean I'm in love with someone. I also might be bitter but I'm not wrong.

Photography by Fernando Reyes

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