April 19, 2016


Is such an intimacy as love an essential to life?

I find it quite intresting the connection that 2 people can have, someone can either make you feel like absolute shit or bring the last amount of happiness upon you. You're connected by the heart, you can't see it but it's just like breathing; it keeps you alive.

Is it a metaphor to life? I've heard about cases of people dying over a heartbreak so is such an intimacy as love an essential to life? There are so many similarities that it's impossible to not feel the need to compare one another. Love hurts you, but so does life. You learn from your mistakes or in the case of love: people.

We know very little about both yet are 2 of the most used words in the world. What we do know is that it hurts, a lot - some people can take it and some can't. It's all about ability, how much are you willing to take?

Photography by Fernando Reyes

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