May 29, 2016


First Cuba - now Brazil.

It’s hard to remember the last time that south-of-the-equator was so popular, Chanel recently had their Resort 2017 runway with havana-inspired pieces while Dior and Gucci are expected to join in. Top stars such as Zendaya, Alicia Vikander, and Jaden Smith attended the show.

Nicolas Ghesquière brought color-blocking to the table at Louis Vuitton in Brazil, keeping his staple “vivid and futuristic” vibe while adding a touch of soccer-inspired prints (courtesy of Brazil.) Louis Vuitton wouldn't be Louis Vuitton without their timeless duffle bags which are now available in vibrant checkered print and ombré orange and blue. The iconic twist bags were also send down the runway in multiple colors and striped pattern. 

Flare, zippered jumpsuits and what was said to be “distressed-scuba-suits” seemed to bring a vintage buzz in our modern world of fashion. Including the very risky grey, sequined scarf that was paired with the suede, gladiator-inspired dress. Along with a colorful over-sized windbreaker parka which was paired with a chic black skirt with a side-slit.

The shoes went well with their corresponding outfits: high-top sandals with the “distressed-scuba-suits”, patent-leather platform shoes with ankle bracelets and shoes inspired by “glove shoes.” He ended with,“I never forget that I’m a foreigner, so I’ve also brought Paris here. I think what defines our time is that women want to look sophisticated                                                             and they want casual sports clothes - those are the two big obsessions.”

Photography by Luca Tombolini

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