May 19, 2016


There is something that is so great about sitting down, possibly a bed, [my] bed with Barbra Streisand playing in the background.

Writing is one of my favorite things to do. Though it can be tricky for one reason: whenever I’m in public I get all these great ideas, all these ideas of different things I can say in my book but I don’t have my handy journal in hand so all those thoughts get lost somewhere in my mind. And yes I could write it on my phone but a lot of the times I don’t think of it. I really do try avoiding my phone when I’m out - just image a  “50’s” lifestyle with less racism, homophobia, sexism, misogyny or transphobia. That’s what I am achieving. 

My favorite part about writing and being an overall writer is the fact that I’m able to live a life full of moments that I can come back too and just, well, reminisce about in my writing. I’m able to enjoy these precious moments that wouldn’t be possible in other situations. Technology is amazing but we are all just so attached - which is pretty ironic because I’m currently typing this on my computer, for a website - and that’s why I think it is so important for me too enjoy my life because 1. I’m still young and have lots to learn and 2. because my entire life is currently based on the internet (as of now).

There is something that is so great about sitting down, possibly a bed, [my] bed with Barbra Streisand playing in the background, just pouring everything out in a post. My more private things are all on my book - somethings are just not for the casual reader. Plus, I want my book to be for people who genuinely want to know about me, my unusual and somewhat interesting life.

Photography by Fernando Reyes

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