May 10, 2016


Being in the young-adult time of your life is basically like being legally charged as an adult but still being unable to vote. #Awkward

It’s weird, you know - high-school is. Everyone is out their losing their virginity or smoking pot or maybe just experimenting with some mind-altering drugs. I’ve become accustomed too it. And to that awkward almost-adult transition (and to the fact that I’m late to school basically every single day, it's literally a repetitive cycle.) That point in your life is kind of like being legally charged as an adult but still being unable to vote. Ironic ain’t it? It can be very weird, and you don't really understand why, it just sort of is. 

There are 2 kinds of people in high-school: the wannabe “gangsters” that roam the halls thinking that the world owes them something and the ones who are running and swerving through people trying to get into class to turn in their [almost] late assignments while they think about their college acceptance letters. Yes, the second one was a tad bit over-exaggerated but you can't take me too seriously sometimes. We can get thorough but I’d honestly prefer not to. After all, you aren’t Cady Heron and I am not Regina George (though that is highly-questionable due to my over-the-top personality and couple of friends that I have.) 

I’ve become molded into the idea that I honestly won’t be either of those groups (or any for what it’s worth), I definitely do not pretend to be a “gangster” during school and I’m most likely not going to attend college. Everyone is so shocked when I say that but I like to break it down for them this way: it’s kind of like creating music - a metaphor per say - when you write music it can either go good or bad, you never really know but being prepared gives a sense of security: free-styling it is risky but there’s really only 2 outcomes: either epic disaster or just, well, epic. I’m taking my chances. Life has it’s risks and if you’re not taking them then why even live?  I am, however, leaning towards epic

Photography by DR

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