May 15, 2016


I’ve previously expressed my love for exploring and finding new talent - whether it's old or new - there’s always sense of excitement. You’re getting this adrenaline rush of excitement while thinking to yourself, “Where the fuck have you been my entire life?” ..Or is that just me? I listen to many artists from the 80’s and 90’s so the amount of art that they’ve created can be insane. But it’s my high - finding amazing artists.

I don’t think in a limited way in art, I like adventuring through all decades. You just really need to look: they're everywhere, just pay attention to the world around you. But where in the world would you find so many creatives in one place? Well in an art school! You know, I’m just assuming considering the fact that it’s an escuela de arte! (God bless my bilingual self.) 

The Academy of Art University recently had their graduate fashion show with 16 talented and amazing designers - I chose my favorites that express some part of me: the adventurous or the wild or the beautiful. (Is it vain that I think so highly of myself? Probably. Do I care? Probably not.) Let’s get started:

Wen Jiang: the Chinese, architecture enthusiast brought a sense of color and symmetry to fashion. Though silhouettes that are repeated over-and-over, Wen added her unique touch with vibrant purples and pinks. She paid homage to the great photographer Nick Frank’s “vivid and geometric photos.” The entire collections was created with wool and it’s pleats were all pressed by hand. The attention to detail was greatly visible from the sleeve[less] coats to the pink, pleated peplum dresses.

Now that’s fashion: Ke Zhang drew inspiration from the Korean-American artist Du Ho Suh and some garments [leggings] were inspired by men's undergarments from the 1900’s for his new collection that was presented during the Graduate fashion show last week. The collection is made up of translucent fabrics such as nylon or organdy. Zhang isn’t only a genius tailor but also “boasts in corsetry and causal wear.” This collection is a perfect way of bending the rules black tie. But his technical ability paired with his knowledge of fabrics have been the reason of a successful career as a designer.

Who doesn’t love a collaboration? Two combining into one is what we need more of in this world. (Did I really just get political? Whatever.) Febrile Jayanti drew inspiration from the “burnt and ravaged” artworks of the American artist, Valerie Hegarty. Fresh and modern can be the only way to describe Jayanti with her “structured paddled shoulders and asymmetrical pleats.” Rebecca Alberg was inspired by the tire worn by 1910 catholic nuns. “Every stitch has it’s own character, so she let the natural of life each stitch inspire and the shape her garments.” Turtleneck knitwear with slits is perfect, very "Dior Spring 2016" of them. (Yes, I did that. It's possible to make any word an adjective.)

Once again: who doesn’t love a collaboration? Annie Yang was able to create this collection with the help of Jasmine Xu who together created a collection of “oversized, multi-layered garments with a distorted perspective. ” Xu used “baby powder on cotton twill and cotton sateen to give the fabrics an element of interest.” It seems that many designs are leaning towards the oversized look which is worn by many celebrities and fashion icons. The only possible way of describing this collection is a perfect ocean of radioactivity. 
Photography by Randy Brooke

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