June 20, 2016


I’ll probably never understand the obsession of celebrity style because it doesn’t seem worthy of my “worship.”

Celebrities are such an important part of pop culture. Some of Andy Warhol’s most famous paintings are of celebrities; so it’s impossible to deny that we know what a celeb is or that from time to time we crave the celebrity lifestyle: the fashion, the exclusive events, the gorgeous houses around the world, not worrying about much [financially.] Who wouldn’t that? Your only fear would be the publishing of a negative article about you. Or making an ugly face while tons of paparazzi are snapping photos of you. 

One of the things that we desperately desire would be the fashion - we all glamorize celebrity style. Vogue seems to create daily lists of the “most fashionable high-fashion models” or “this week’s ultimate celebrity street-style.” Of course, it seems just natural that they’d do that. But that just leads to ask if it’s even valid to glamorize celebrity style? I mean, yeah, some celebs probably do dress themselves but that definitely doesn’t include Kim Kardashian or Gisele Bünchen who have gangs of people of work on their overall daily looks - from makeup to the shoes they wear. 

You can easily track stylists down and notice the excessive amounts of photos that they post of the celebs they style. Take Monica Rose for example. She basically styles the entire Kardashian clan and is very proud of doing so. I probably would too. They might be the most over-saturated family in America but they’re still a client and no one should ever be embarrassed to show off their work - whether it’s the Kardashians or not. 

I’ll probably never understand the obsession of celebrity style because it doesn’t seem worthy of my “worship.” I find a lot of my inspiration comes from models that are younger and not very known but still frequently walk for Fendi or Chanel. They just seem so genuine and unique. And even humble (as much as I hate that word.) Especially when they’re just walking down the street after a show during fashion week. That is what seems natural to me.

Photography by DR

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