June 4, 2016


Me? Answering sex advice? One of my friends has mentioned to me that guys under the age of 35 are generally bad at sex. How’s that for advice? 
For the millionth time: I’m in high-school. So one of the one things that everyone has on their mind is sex, sex and more sex. That’s what is usually going on through normal teenage minds. Some keep it private. Some don’t. I’ve always found it a little bizarre that it’s still such a taboo topic for anyone to talk about because we are the more “advanced” generation, and naturally, it just seems like people would be more open to the idea.

I try my hardest for my friends to feel comfortable with me talking about their sex life because, first of all: I want them to be safe and second of all: because I’m nosy. No - I’m just kidding (Am I, though?). But I do try to hardest getting them to talk about it because you shouldn’t be afraid, sex should be fun (as long as it’s safe, wear condoms kids. Fuck, I feel like such a parent.) and there’s really nothing wrong with it (unless you’re like insanely religious to the point where it’s almost impossible for you to touch anyone that isn’t yourself). 

I’m not a grown adult (or have fucked for all that matters) so it would be difficult for me to even bring up any situations that I’ve been through because I haven’t been through any. One of my friends has mentioned to me that guys under the age of 35 are generally bad at sex. How’s that for advice? And many people tend to use the same excuse that is, “Well, that is how I grew up?” to not even bring up the, what seems to be, satanist word that is “sex.” I think that whether you like it or not you should still know.

I have strong feelings towards the prevention of AIDS/HIV, and everyone should too. You don’t want to be that virus’ next victim. And when educating yourself, I feel as you should take advantage to learn against those horrible stereotypes against the LGBT community and AIDS. There’s a lot of brainless freaks that speak negative and false information about the virus. And the worst part is that people just eat it all up.

When replying to those people [that are afraid of mentioning sex] - I usually say, “ I didn’t grow up that way either, my parents never taught me anything about sex, it’s all about your mentality and how prepared you want to be in compromising situations.” It’s always ok to say no, but what if you do want to go with it? What’re you going to do in that situation? P.S. the answer beings with a “C” and ends with an “M.”

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