June 25, 2016


I love the way your skin feels. It feel like the fuzziness of a small peach. I love the way you hold yourself out of shame when you’re naked. I love the way your skin presses on my body like two interlocking lips. We’re unstoppable. My mind runs wild when I’m with you. When I make love to you. Your small kisses on my neck take me to another planet. Your body drives me crazy. This moment is all that matters - when you’re in me.

Nothing in the world seems to go right but being with you is my drug - I’m high on life. You’re my life. I love this feeling and I never want it to be stop. But it will.

It’ll stop at one point.

And I won’t have the energy for another high. Everything seems to be back to normal. Nothing will ever be the same because I don’t know what love is. And I confuse everything. I confuse your sex with my love-making. What was I thinking?

Photography by Fernando Reyes

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