July 18, 2016


The funniest part about everything in general is the constant trolling of feminism on social network sites. 
Who’s triggered now? 
Definitely not “the feminists.”

There’s is nothing more interesting to me than people who use attention grabbing names to create something for the purpose of helping the world out. I find it a bit sick – but in a good way. I love women like Kim Kardashian, or Madonna that are sexual beyond “the normal” to help women be comfortable with their sexuality and body. Most of the time their intention isn’t even to help but the simple things they do still help. Others are very disturbed but who cares about them, right? Focusing on positivity is always important.

See that’s why I’m so interested in Black Lives Matter or Feminism. Both of those movements don’t live up to their “shocking” names. You might find this shocking but Black Lives Matter doesn’t just care about black people. They center predominately on the black community but still focus on many races that are being oppressed and killed/harassed [by police and civilians] for something as simple as their race. It just happens to be black people more frequently so that is where the name is derived from.

Feminism is the same. Feminism focuses on sex, gender, and everything in between. The only difference is that they lean a little more focus on women because of the history of abuse and oppression that they’ve received for centuries for being born with a vagina. When I look deeply into the past of female culture: it just seems so insane. Everything from not even being allowed to vote less than 100 years ago to the disrespectful views that the media has on them. 

It’s still so interesting how effective their names were. It’s just so hilarious to realize that the names really worked to trigger all those narrow-minded idiots who don’t want to accept equality. Some people are just so sensitive over something as simple as a name. The funniest part about everything in general is the constant trolling of feminism on social network sites. Who’s triggered now? Definitely not “the feminists.”

Black Lives Matter doesn’t receive heavy trolling like feminism does but it still attacked constantly by those who support All Lives Matter. Their usual argument is the ratio of black-on-white and white-on-black violence, which is totally out of the picture by the way. This isn’t a competition on who’s being killed more often; it’s about WHY they’re being killed. I understand completely that people will be killed all the time. It’s inevitable. But don’t try covering racism up by adding a ratio.

The other side of All Lives Matter is Blue Lives Matter, which I have mixed feelings about. Where ALM supporters are coming from is understandable – the police should not be getting killed by radical BLM followers – but at the same time: being a policeman is a job. It’s a job no different than being a firefighter or logging worker. They might be dangerous jobs but it’s still a career path that you CHOOSE. Comparing someone’s race and job is disrespectful on many levels for people of color because they’ll never be able to change their skin to just feel safe. Most of the time, you’ll come home and continue living “normally” with your kids and dog.

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