July 22, 2016


Cheers to the introduction of my friends on my website.

California isn’t much of a “seasonal” type of state. It’s mostly like “okay, today it’s cold” or “oh, okay, today it just might be about 500 degrees.” That’s exactly what is going on right now in the golden state. We’re not only suffering from a drought but I guess now a heat wave. I wanted to somehow bring up my east coast friends but I can’t due to the fact that New York is also at the point of melting. No one is safe. For the first time in a long time I can officially say that we’re in this together.

How do I feel about heat? I hate it. My entire wardrobe was built with the cold in mind. I have knitted sweaters, and burgundy sweaters and black pants - everything that is strictly against summer fashion, or the heat, specifically. I love the cold but it’s not necessarily because of the fall: it’s because I can wear all that and somehow not feel insane. Sweaters, and pants and everything above also somehow make me feel safe. Let’s just say that I don’t exactly have the highest self esteem. Do I think I’m amazing? Fuck yes - but that goes for my personality, not looks.

It’s surprising to start with such a “depressing” paragraph, it’s never my intention to make anyone uncomfortable or feel pity for me - it just happens. It just caught my attention that I somehow felt a little safe within myself today. I comfortably walked a few miles with a top as thin as the bible’s pages and denim shorts that successfully allowed me to hang half of my ass out. I didn’t overthink anything - only what colors matched for my outfit which I believe is an improvement to my self-esteem. For once I didn’t suffocate in sweaters in the heat. It's didn't make me happy or sad - that's the best part: I didn’t care.

Shooting this was amazing. I was able to have amazing friends that loved posing for me and co-directing the shooting. Once I got my originally shot at the beginning I was feeling lost so they helped me on different ideas, it was kind of a collaboration between the three of us. But I’d love to say: Cheers to the introduction of my friends on my website.

Photography by Fernando Reyes

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