July 25, 2016


 “A sewer bitch in a high fashion town” is a reference that I use to describe Kanye West’s Yeezy collections. 
Does it make any sense?
The last couple of years have definitely been something new for fashion due to the entrance of Kanye West and his infamous “Yeezy” clothing brand with Adidas. The entire world has remained mesmerized, and partically horrified, by the seasonal collections - that includes straight guys who think they’re somehow way too masculine for the tantalizing world of fashion. I want to say that it’s a blessing and a curse for them because they want to dress much like their icon while not portraying a - in straight boy language - “gay” personality. 

Even the Kardashians have followed into the [fashion] steps of Mr. West by continually supporting his fashion label by, well, wearing it. Of course, the K’s have a completely different audience that they influence which, I want to assume, led to a complete fashion revolution. Now we have both women and men walking around in ripped cotton, “pearlized” bomber jackets, distressed over-sized crewnecks and beige bodycon dresses. But is it even a surprise? They’re one of the most famous celebrity couple aside from Beyoncé and Jay-Z - everyone aspires to be them. 

I can appreciate the collections that he releases because it’s his vision as a fashion designer but it’s not something that I’m necessarily fond of. I actually refer to the collections as “a sewer bitch in a high fashion town.” Everything seems much to extra and fabricated in a way. It feels as if he is trying extremely hard to bring something new and unique to the table. 

At the beginning of the launch of “Yeezy x Adidas”, I enjoyed looking through the looks because it looked different, it was something that I hadn’t seen at fashion week in a very long time. Three season in and he’s still releasing the same thing in different colors. Like Madonna once said, “no matter how fierce something is, you can't ever do the same thing twice.” That’s what I was getting from Kanye, the same thing twice. Maybe even three times. 

Model Alexandra Franco
Photography by Fernando Reyes

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