August 29, 2016


The month of September has become the holy month of fashion for me; magazines are launching their biggest issues of the year while the fall collections are on their way.

Magazines are my holy bible. Everyday I wake up thinking of them, and looking at them sitting peacefully in my all white closet. They’re organized by height: shortest to tallest. So far V Magazine is my tallest, which is followed by Interview and W. All my Vogue issues are organized by month (Jan-Dec) except for May 2016 and the most recent, September 2016. Those issues are taller/wider than the rest of the issues. It was truly a sad experience for me when I discovered this; I just really want organization by physical traits. I can’t stand looking at one tipping over or out of place.

The month of September has become the holy month of fashion for me; magazines are launching their biggest issues of the year while the fall collections are on their way. I find pleasure going into designer department stores and browsing through thousands of dollars of couture and looking at the perfectly sewn hemlines or neutral tweed Chanel coats. I obviously cannot afford any of these articles of clothing but not buying it adds a certain allure to the intriguing world of fashion. At my age, buying it would really lead me to loose my interest. There’s nothing wrong with admiration. Though I do have to say; it really isn’t difficult to not purchase it!

Year round I’m buying magazines and reading their articles; there’s Alicia Vikander’s amazing article for the January 2016 issue of Vogue which really goes deep into her life and climb to the top of Hollywood, Lily Depp Rose’s LOVE Magazine article filled with the thoughts of, not only a famous teenager, but of a normal one. I can only speak on behalf of the “normal teenager” because as everyone knows, I’m a regular teenager. I can understand her. Everything aside, I wanted to show the world a few of my favorite magazines so far and explain why it is that they are my favorite:


A truly masterpiece of a magazine featuring [on the cover] one of my newest musical obsessions: Zayn. With a story written by Patrik Sandberg, Zayn discussed his departure of the, basically dismantled, boy-band, One Direction. Along with how his debut album, Mind of Mine, came to be. Sandberg describes his album as ‘dark, sexy R&B’ which is a statement that I can agree with for the simple reason that I’ve listened to the record a million times since it’s launch back in March.

Lil Yachty, an artist that has been quiet talked about in recent months, is also photographed and interviewed for the magazine. His bright red hair really attracted me to the read about him, which led me to discover about Yachty’s music and fashion style. The most memorable sentence I recall reading is his interest in working with Madonna, which is something that is rarely heard nowadays simply because the music has completely paid Madonna dirt in terms (despite being THE Queen of Pop) of her most recent albums.

The issue begun in an emotional tone by the small piece written by Robbie Spencer in memory of the tragic passing of Matt Irwin. Spencer described him as “one of the funniest I’ve ever met” and proceeded to express how fortunate he was to have a friend like Matt. It’s truly saddening to hear about the loss of such amazing person. May he rest in peace.


This is an issue that shouldn’t come as a surprise to many people, it’s the September issue and no matter who the cover girl is – I’ll never stop loving it. I attempted at convincing myself to like Kendall Jenner as model but it just wasn’t realistic. The shoot seemed to be a throw up of old shoots, no story whatsoever. I loved about 2-3 of the entire 11-photograph shoot. My eyes were burning and at that point I was really forcing myself to “be okay” with her. I read the article, which wasn’t bad at all (Thank you, Jonathan Van Meter.) There was a part – that I found hilarious – in which he discussed the afternoon of hanging out with Jenner (for Vogue), which led to him being described as an “older gentleman” on

The highlight of the issue was definitely the preview of Marina Abramović’s forthcoming book, in which she talks about her over-controlling parents and the shocking lifestyle of her communist home country. I originally discovered Marina through her documentary ‘Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present’ which chronicles her 3-month-long performance at MoMA. I genuinely enjoyed discovering a new form of art that I had never been aware of before, it was new and, at the beginning, quite scary to me. Above it all: I loved it.

 Reading the preview of her memoir in Vogue had my eyes completely glued to the magazine. Unfortunately, like all good things in life, it came to an end. I’m definitely pumped to pick up the memoir towards the end of October.


There is no debate about the fact that this is one of the most beautiful September issues this season. Steven Klein shot Rihanna in an “end of the world” scenario, which is a metaphor for the world of today. Very little people understand my love and obsession for Steven Klein and his symbolic, over-sharpened photos. Aside from the stunning photos, Rihanna was not interviewed. Andrew Kevin Walker wrote a fictional story about a character based on Rihanna named TOMORROW who lives in a world of destruction named Utopia where “sex is currency and food has never touched soil,” all forms of art are completely banned, and nothing but sorrow is what people feel. The story is written completely on a vintage typewriter owned by Terry Jones. Jones expresses his nostalgia for the days of creativity when magazines weren’t aligned to perfection (as they are now), which ultimately led to Walker writing the story on a typewriter.

Following the story of Utopia came the spread of Casil McArthur, a transgender model who spoke about being a role model in the young transgender community. The photos were completely shot by Steven Meisel in “punk rock” fashion and a suburban scout camp in New Jersey. McArthur and I can both agree they both he and Meisel do take great photos together. Casil spoke to Karin Nelson about his brave decision to accept who he was not matter his circumstances and, ultimately, begin his transition to become who he was meant to be: Casil. 


Another electrifying photo-shoot done by the genius himself: Steven Klein featured 3 beautiful women whose jaws can probably slit you in half. The shoot was killer, and I mean that both literally and figuratively (Click HERE to view the shoot and understand what I'm referring to.) Their cover was in promotion to “the most talked about film in Cannes:” The Neon Demon.

This Issue of V wasn’t a necessarily large issue like the others; it was just a pre-fall issue, a pictorial of what will be of fall fashion. Though I will say, the last spread (Photographed by Bruce Weber) in the magazine did not only leave a cute reminder of the first issue of CR Fashion Book but erotic thoughts racing through everyone’s mind.

Reading, collecting and buying magazines is something that I enjoy quite a lot. Very many people in my life believe that it’s a waste of money but I like to look at it as an investment to my happiness. I love magazine’s, fashion and photography and I don’t believe that spending money on something you love is ever a waste. Happiness doesn’t have a price; magazines do, but thankfully they aren’t high prices. (Just don’t get into debt!)

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