September 12, 2016


When I’m feeling a little lost on what topics to write about, I write pieces that are are inspired by poems.

I absolutely adore women.

I love everything about women – their personalities, their attitudes. Many people tend to assume that I somehow envy women because I’m gay but I don’t. Does my personality have a strong female influence? Of course. All of the women that I have had to pleasure to meet have taught me a lot about life and men. They taught me to be strong and they listened listened to me.

I’m gay but I don’t, somehow, internal hate women; I think many people confuse that. Gay is attraction for the same sex, not the hatred of women. I owe women a lot; they’ve never left my side and have always kept me together. They’ve never rejected me the way that men have. I have a feminine side in me because I’ve grown up with them my entire life. It’s natural that I’d pick up a few traits on the way. 

The women of my family are extremely important to me. When I was younger, I’d stare at them do their make up and get ready and I’d sit at the table to listen to their conversations. It’s where I was always comfortable. I didn’t feel like that outsider when I was with them. I wasn’t judged. And for those reason, I absolutely adore women.

Photography by Fernando Reyes

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